Monday, May 21

My Life is Back!

AP tests are over!
All my preparation and hard work for the past eight months have finally paid off!
I'm done spending my weekends writing outlines, taking tests, quizzes, and essays, and drinking cups of Tension Tamer tea!
I finished my tests on Thursday. I took AP Lang and Comp on Wednesday morning and AP World History on Thursday morning. I'm not feeling very confident about how I did, but now I'm finally free. Taking these classes were the reason I haven't been able to craft very much or start blogging again.

Audrey cramming the day before
I actually planned on writing this post right after I turned in my AP World test on Thursday but I decided to spend my extended lunch period (we finished at 12 and lunch is at 12:20something) with Audrey in the library looking at comic books and things with interesting covers. I spent my weekend in bed. It was wonderful.

Audrey and I have English together after lunch, which we spent sticking our AP barcodes on our friend Joseph's back.

We had a decompression day in history in which we watched It's Kind of a Funny Story and 50 First Dates. It's Kind of a Funny Story I really loved, but I didn't appreciate Craig's school friends at all and I didn't like Emma Robert's character very much until the end.
sorry it's upside down. i guess that happens when i upload things from my phone.
My friend Sarah showed up to class with a bag of fried chicken, so we also had a fried chicken party.
No pictures of me here except my hand down there hehe