Wednesday, December 26

getting into the christmas spirit

one day late. i don't care.

It begins with stealing the tinsel off of the trees at my school.

While I was cleaning, I found these horrendous doodles from December last year. 
what the first one says:
"Hey Sophie, we should get into the Christmas spirit."
"We should grow antlers."

what the second one is titled:

Sophie's Christmas Dream
me in my tacky Christmas garb with Kavya holding up some digital mistletoe
getting distracted while putting up Christmas lights
a Yule greeting card for Audrey. we were researching winter solstice holidays and somehow Yule became our theme for this year. 

This was my family's Christmas card this year. I know the quality is awful, but it features my unicorn-bulldog, me in cat ears holding up a clock with cats on it, my brother and a ceramic pikachu, and my father giving a disapproving look. The text reads "happy winter celebrations," "we hope you survive the mayan apocalypse," "dad, kid,the the other kid and the damn dog." 

I.. I come from a strange family.

Friday, December 21

it's the end of the world as we know it

 ...and THIS guy is prepared ^

He even gave me tips on the best places to go during a zombie apocalypse. We settled on the Midwest being the most advantageous place to be:
  • extreme winters and summers (zombies can't deal with extremes)
  • low population 
  • agrarian towns
  • lots of open space  
  • abundance of Walmarts 
I wore my sparkle crown to school because sometimes I am a sparkle princess with sparkle powers.
It's doubles as my end-of-the-world tiara.

Two of my friends got married not really today (the groom took my sparkle crown). More details on this later.

Twice people spilled my cup of generic salty snack mix today.
My response?

"It's okay, it's not the end of the world."

I know, it's crude. But classes were short today and I did this during graphics.

Saturday, December 15

leg casing accessory things (a review on some tights i recently purchased)

I own and wear a lot of skirts and dresses and because I'm too lazy to shave with that comes owning a lot of tights. Every single pair of tights I own is ripped in some way or another, so I bought three new pairs at Daiso. 

The thing about these Daiso tights (Daiso is a Japanese 100 yen store; in America it's a $1.50 store) is that they run extremely small. The regular black tights were a L-XL size and they were sagging on me. I  had to wear shorts over them because I felt like an [extremely feminine] gangsta whenever I walked. The first day I wore them out my dog jumped on me, thus causing that lovely gash on the right leg.
The second pair are fishnets, but it's hard to tell in the photo. I didn't realize how subtle the fishnet pattern was, but that makes me feel more comfortable about wearing them out. Although they were only a dollar fifty, they're very thick and well made. 
Here's a close up: 

This last pair are leggings, and as you can see, I can't do leggings. Or patterned tights. The picture makes them look a lot less bad than they look on me in real life. 
They're always so pretty in the package but on my legs they make me look like a lizard monster. I think it's time for me to give up my dream of being able to wear tights with patterns. 

and uh.. that has been my opinion on cheap wearable leg accessories.

I'd also like to mention the best app ever created.
It's called Cat Effects.
just look. 

Monday, December 10

"watchu want"

Hello, there~
I'm in the mood to blog tonight which is really strange for me because I'd usually rather take a nap or eat sesame sticks than publish my life to the internet.

So Christmas/other winter celebrations and my birthday (the day before Christmas) are coming up, and a lot of people have been asking me
"watchu want"
"watchu like"
and I never have an answer for them.

so I was inspired to draw this:
It's not true, of course.
Well I don't think it's true. But you could argue the opposite. It's been done.
but really i like tons of things

Something I noticed today is that all (or the two that I have access to) foreign language textbooks have really odd pictures in the chapters about visiting the doctor.
Here's one from my friend's Spanish textbook.
it kind of just..irks you, right?
And this guy was in my French textbook.

In preparation for the holiday season, Audrey (because she is LITERALLY MY ONLY FRIEND and the ONLY PERSON WORTHY OF BEING MENTIONED IN EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST OF MINE /sarcasm) and I went to a hippie center to make ornaments out of old magazines.
The ornaments turned out to just be a really bad mess, so we had fun with the magazine pictures instead.
Here's me being super seductive.

Speaking of being attractive, I think this photo will nicely wrap up this post:
my loyal subject kavya

Have a wonderful day (: 

Saturday, November 17

snapshots of life recently

hello there! it's been way too long since the last time I've posted.. school and sleep and human interaction are just so time consuming. but I hope you'll enjoy this dump of photos that make up my life~

Saturday, August 4

time Thoreau-ly well spent

Hello there! It's been awhile.
Recently I've been writing letters.. and making bad puns
I took it to the beach to read!
This pink envelope was sent to me from Audrey. She wrote each part of the letter on an index card and the back of which had music lyrics on it. For a week after I received it in the mail I kept opening it and reading her letter over and over because it's so pretty to look at.

Here's a letter I worked on during chemistry class. I'm very pleased with how the envelope turned out; it was a much better use of my time than learning how to balance redox reactions hehe. 
I had to use a million pieces of tape to keep it closed, though.

I also drew a picture of Sassy Thoreau. Oh, Henry David, you.

Audrey also sent me some mamegoma stationery, which was very nice of her! I'm excited to use it. I really want to stock up on some more stationery because I think I reuse too many of the same designs and my friends get bored.

Writing letters is something I really enjoy doing, even though it's not the most practical method of communication (everyone I write letters to lives around me haha). During the summer I don't see friends as often as during the school year (thanks, summer assignments and summerschool!) so to me it's justified~

Tuesday, June 12

secret pictures and Audrey's stationery giveaway

If you are reading this post, then you probably know who Audrey (hkittygirl) is.
Audrey is one of my closest friends and the person I started this blogging adventure with 2+ years ago. Although both of us have very tight schedules these days, during the summer we send letters to each other on cute stationery. In the years that we've been writing to each other, we both have accumulated so much cute stationery that Audrey decided it was time to give some away.

Enter here and you'll win more than 80 sheets of cute paper along with bookmarks, envelopes, and other types of stationery. Enter before this Saturday, the 16th.

Just because I saw it fitting, I'm going to post some secret pictures I have of Audrey.
Here is Audrey giving me a very long and animated lecture on all the things I don't like. 
From what I remember (I was too busy taking pictures of her hilarious expressions), the list included 
  • "pasta"
  • "dark chocolate sometimes"
  • "me"
  • "anything that isn't bread"
  • "blogging about me"
  • "being my slave"
  • "vegetables"
  • "being alive"
She likes to give me this lecture every time I complain or say I don't like something. I'm really not as negative as she makes me seem.
Also, Audrey, if you're reading this, there's lots of types of pastas I like.
And besides. You haven't told me one thing this week that doesn't involve how much you hate chemistry. ;)

Here is Audrey in some gas station we found in Los Angeles. We were on our way to the My Little Pony Project and we all needed to pee. I decided to include this picture because there's a lot of times where we find ourselves in really random places.

Here is Audrey with our friend Chelcee on the left.
We went with a group of our friends to a cafe one day during spring break back in April. It was one of the only breaks and few times we had to just relax and be happy with eachother. We didn't have to worry about anything that day.
I was able to get a few shots of our silly and spastic behavior and I'll probably turn this into a separate blog post. This day was one of my favorite days.

So go enter Audrey's giveaway and write some letters to a friend you really care about and enjoy being around! And Audrey.. if you're reading this, I give you full permission to post any stalker pictures you have of me.